Liska-Stanek Prairie


Mesic native prairie featuring two potholes was purchased by the Conservation Board in 1972. In December 1976 the prairie was dedicated as a Natural Preserve by the State Preserves Advisory board, thus ensuring the integrity of the area for generations to come. The 20 acre area lies in the central part of the Cary Lobe of the Wisconsin glacial region and harbors some of the richest soils in the world. These soils began development 14,000 year ago and were formed from glacial till, its subsequent erosion and the accumulation of organic materials. The prairie has been relatively undisturbed and it shows in the amount of diversity this prairie exhibits. The spectrum of colors displayed is unmatched and can be seen throughout the entire growing season. Some birds observed on the prairie are the bobolink, blue winged teal, dickcissel, western meadowlark, red winged blackbird, swamp sparrow, and grasshopper sparrow.


Located six miles southwest of Fort Dodge on county road P-51. Google map HERE