Alcock Park

Alcock Canoe Access
Alcock Canoe Access
Low-head Dam at Alcock Park

        Alcock Park is located on the west side of Frederika with park property lying on both sides of the Wapsipinicon River. Initial land for the park (10 acres) was purchased from Ida and Henry Alcock in 1959. The city of Frederika donated a 0.8 acre tract the following year. Additional parcels were purchased from Ida and Henry Alcock in 1964 ( 2 acres) and from Craig Alcock in 1968 ( 12 acres). The current 42 acre park was completed in 1982 when the city of Frederika donated 17.2 acres.
        The park offers a wide variety of recreational activities to area citizens and visitors. Two picnic and playground areas provide day-use recreation. A sand volleyball court and horseshoe pits are also available. Two shelters with electricity are available on a first come - first serve basis unless reserved. A recycling shed was added in 2003 for campers to reduce the amount of items going to
the landfill.
        Canoeists and fishing enthusiasts obtain access to the Wapsipinicon River through the park's shoreline or the boat ramp. The campground has over fifty electrical sites and two wells for drinking water. Camping is on a first come - first serve basis. The park also offers a shower house and a modern restroom as well as pit latrines and a dump station. 
        Alcock Park has a low-head dam within the park. Improper and unsafe activities can result in fatalities. The following information was written by Kip Ladage of Tripoli, Iowa. Low-head dams can look pleasant and relaxing with the water gently falling over them. However, the dams become dangerous with thousands of gallons of water pouring over the dams and creating a churning current, often called a "hydraulic." The water will take any object, large or small, wearing a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) or not, and slam it to the bottom of the dam, release it to the surface, and again slam it to the bottom. The cycle can continue indefinitely. You will not have the strength to fight the force of the water should you be caught in the backwash of the low-head dam. Do not attempt a rescue. Call in a trained rescue squad. Low-head dam accidents become multiple victim incidents when rescues are attempted by individuals lacking proper training. With these thoughts in mind, consider very carefully your activities around the dam so we can see you enjoying another day on the Wapsipinicon.


Alcock Park is located on the west side of Frederika.


  •  Camping is on a first come - first serve basis
    • Non-electric - $12/night 
    • Electric - 20, 30, & 50 amp service - $18/night
  • Drinking Water
  • Electricity
  • Dump Station
  • 2 Open Shelters - $25/day 
  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • Horseshoe Pits
  • Modern Restroom and Pit Latrines
  • Showers
  • Play Equipment
  • Picnic Areas
  • Boat Ramp
  • Canoe Access
  • Hiking/Walking Trails
  • Recycling Stations  
  • Fishing

Operating Hours & Seasons



 Alcock Park closes at 11:00 p.m. daily unless you are a paid camper.  Alcock Park is closed from November 1st - April 30th

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