Iowa Great Lakes Trail

Iowa Great Lakes Trails Map
Iowa Great Lakes Trails Map

The Iowa Great Lakes Trail winds its way through the Iowa Great Lakes region, which offers plenty of outdoor opportunities for visitors-from its popular blue lakes and sandy beaches to quieter natural areas, many protected with INHF assistance. The multi-use Iowa Great Lakes Trail provides local citizens and visitors a safe place to bike, walk, rollerblade, run and cross-country ski. The trail winds along rural, community and nature areas in the heart of the Iowa Great Lakes Region, including Spirit Lake, Okoboji, West Okoboji, Arnolds Park, Milford and Lake Park. The “spine” of the system is a 14-mile, ten-foot wide, hard-surface trail that accommodates two-way recreational traffic. Connecting to the spine trail are several other shorter trails to explore, including the Kenue Park Trail, Arnolds Park City Trail and Spirit Lake City trail. The trail has already been extended and now loops around the east and west sides of Big Spirit Lake where it joins the Loon Lake Trail (Jackson County, MN) at the Mini-Wakan State Park. Two new trails now meander up the west side of West Lake Okoboji and a new trailhead can be found along Hwy. 86 in Wahpeton.


Can be found throughout the Iowa Great Lakes Area.
Map of the Iowa Great Lakes Trails can be found HERE
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