Central Park

Trails & Hiking at Central Park

Trails at Central Park
Trails at Central Park
Trail wildflower
Trail bridge
Wildflower Path by Dam

Central Park has many trails to enjoy on your next visit.  You will be able to see an abundance of wildlife, trees, grasses and beauty along the various paths. 


Central Park is located at 12515 Central Park Road, Center Junction, IA 52212.  The trails are throughout the park. 

Trail Map


The trails are throughout the park with varied routes to include some hills, meandering paths, shade from the sun and views of natural beauty.


Central Park is open 4:30 am - 10:30 pm  (Visitors not staying at the park need to leave by 10:30 pm)

Park Quiet hours are 9 pm - 8 am


The trails are not maintained during the winter months.  The park closes for camping October 15 and reopens on April 15 (weather permitting) each year.