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Cordova Park

Cabins Cabins at Cordova Park

Cordova Park features seven modern cabins that are available to rent year round at two separate locations in the park, all with a great view of Lake Red Rock, Iowa's largest lake at 15,000 surface acres.

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Cabin Listings

Printable Cabin Brochure

Canoeing & Kayaking Canoeing & Kayaking at Cordova Park
Cordova Park is located adjacent to 15,000 acre Red Rock Lake; which, has many unique environmental features that paddling enthusiasts will enjoy exploring. Red Rock Lake is accessible from Cordova Park from the Cordova Park Boat Ramp. 300 acre Roberts Creek Lake, located just 3 miles East of Cordova Park in Roberts Creek Park, is another paddling opportunity that affords a smaller body of water that is more sheltered from most winds and provides a safer area to navigate.

Cordova Park is an 1100-acre area situated on the bluffs overlooking Lake Red Rock.  The name Cordova is derived from the small town that occupied the location from 1887 - 1962. The park has seven modern cabins available for rent year-round, all with aq great view of Lake Red Rock.  For a bird's eye view of the surrounding area, climb the 169 steps to the top of the park's 106' observation tower.  On a clear day, landmarks 35 miles away may be viewed with the naked eye.  

Home to abundant wildlife, modern cabins and the observation tower; Cordova Park is considered a year-round travel destination.

Trails & Hiking Trails & Hiking at Cordova Park

Karr Trail and Observation Tower

Hike up the 110 foot Observation Tower to see a panoramic view of Lake Red Rock and the surrounding area. Depending on weather conditions, cities and landmarks as far as 25 miles may be seen from the viewing deck of the tower. The tower charges a fee of $.50/person and requires quarters. No change available on-site.

Take a stroll through the Oak/Hickory woods of Cordova Park on the Karr Trail. A mile of trail system is accessible from three separate locations in the park. The Karr Tail at some points is directly adjacent to Lake Red Rock, allowing for access to the lake shore for some additional trekking opportunities at waters edge.