Fort Dodge and Webster County Trail System
Fort Dodge and Webster County Trail Systems are growing as the community concentrates on increasing the connectivity of the trails. Currently the hard-surfaced trail network boasts approximately 25 miles of trail and shared-roadways. Wayfinding signs are posted on the trails along with informational kiosks being located at the 4 trailheads.  These informational kiosks show a trail map of the system and educate users on the unique characteristics of each location. Trailheads can be located at Rosedales Rapids Family Aquatic City, Central Avenue Plaza in Downtown Fort Dodge, Rogers Sports Complex and Kennedy Park. The trail system highlights the Des Moines River Valley and connects a variety of community attractions, parks, neighborhoods, and schools.
Fort Dodge Regional Trail System Map

Webster County Water Trails
The Des Moines River and Lizard Creek in Webster County are state designated water trails offering over 60 miles of paddling.
The Des Moines River Water Trail offers a scene 46-mile float through Webster County & Fort Dodge and highlights the limestone cliffs of the Des Moines River Valley. Eight public access sites available with signage to guide your water trail adventure. Key destinations include: Fort Dodge, Lehigh, & Dolliver State Park.
The Lizard Creek Water Trail is rank in the top 5 paddling destinations in Iowa! The Lizard offers 14 miles of secluded paddling with exciting riffles and a variety of rapids. Four public access points with signage are provided. Lizard Creek is designated as a "non-meandered" stream which means the water is public, but the land under and adjacent to the stream is private. Please respect private property. The future of our water trail depends on it!
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Des Moines River Water Trails
Lizard Creek Water Trail

Gypsum City OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) Park

The Gypsum City Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Park serves as a destination for All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Off Highway Motorcycles (OHM), Off Road Vehicles (ORV) and snowmobile riders as well as other outdoor enthusiasts from across Iowa and the Midwest.  This park, currently 800 acres, is located in the center of thousands of acres of properties currently and formerly used for gypsum mining and production of gypsum related products. Gypsum City offers over 60 miles of trail, a 33-site campground, and a variety of fishing ponds.
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Brushy Creek State Recreation Area (IDNR)
Brushy Creek State Recreation Area is one of Iowa’s largest public recreation areas. The varied terrain consists of flat prairies, river bottom lands, steep wooded valleys, streams, a 690-acre lake and access to the Des Moines River.

Brushy Creek State Recreation Area is best known for horseback riding, hunting and fishing. The multi-use trail system is extensive and open to horseback riding, hiking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and mountain biking. There are also two shooting ranges. One range is for target shooting and another is for throwing clay targets. You’ll also find plenty of camping at some of the most modern facilities in the state. There are two equestrian campgrounds and one non-equestrian campground.

With approximately 45 miles of multi-use trails, there are trail activities for everyone including horseback riding, hiking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and mountain biking. Mountain biking is allowed on all multiple use trails. A map of these trails is on display at the information kiosks located in the equestrian campgrounds. When using the multi-use trail system:

  1. Always call ahead (515)543-8298 for current trail conditions
  2. Stay on designated trails only
  3. Respect others' trail rights,
  4. Report any trail problems to park staff, and Enjoy
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