Environmental Education

Cherokee County Conservation offers a variety of programming for schools, scouts, and 4-H groups, as well as scheduling year-round programming open to the public. We strive for quality programming and can adjust to fit school science standards, badge requirements, or special requests.

Below is a list of programs currently available. Most programs are 45 minutes to 1 hour long and can be altered to fit different age levels. If you don’t see something that interests you, please call and make a request. Requests need to be made a minimum of two weeks before the date the program is needed. Programs are free of charge.

Animal Tracks, Scat, and Signs: See what animal has been around based on what it’s left behind.

Birds: There are so many of these feathered friends. Check out some feathers up close, look at a variety of feet, and practice with someone else’s beak.

Cross Country Skiing (winter only): Enjoy a frosty winter day outdoors. Visit your favorite places in the county to see how they’ve changed since summer while also working on great technique.

Invasive Species: These creatures are out of this world! Identify a few of these species and learn about how tricky these plants and animals really are.

Nocturnal Life: Whoooo goes out there? See a few of the animals that are awake during the night and find out how they’re different from the ones out during the day.

Skins: Work on your animal ID and dig through the layers of your favorite animal skin.

Skulls: Teeth tell the tale! Look at a variety of animal skulls, identify them, and figure out what they have for lunch.

Take a Hike: Choose any of the following seasonal topics for a hike: Spring Woodland Flowers Hike, Night Hike, Prairie Hike, Bird Hike, or Un-nature Hike.

Trees: I bet you didn’t know you could identify a tree with your eyes closed! Get to know your Iowa trees and how they function up close and personal.

Winter Ecology (winter only): How do different animals survive the winter? See if you can find a good place outside to survive.

To schedule a program, please contact the county naturalist.

Cherokee County Naturalist: Laura Jones
Phone #: 712-225-6709

Email: cccblaura@gmail.com