Equipment Rental

Planting Equipment & Rates
(Call 225-6709 for info or to reserve equipment)

Truax Native Grass Drill                   $10/acre ($100 min.)                

This is an 8-ft. planting width (12 row, 8”spacing), pull-type, wheel-driven drill. Three seed hoppers specialize in small seed (alfalfa or clover, switchgrass, native forbs), large fluffy seed (native grasses and forbs), or large heavy seeds (brome, oats, rye, sorghum). It is designed for interseeding into existing cover or untilled cropland, but not heavy cornstalks. It will work in cultivated ground, but a firm seed bed is best. Requirements: Min. 65 HP tractor, 4 hydraulic hook-ups. Ideal planting speed 4-6 MPH. Can be transported by a pick-up or tractor, max. speed 20 MPH.

Vicon Pendulum Spreader               $10/acre ($50 min.)

The Vicon is actually a fertilizer spreader that works very well for seeding natives in cultivated ground. Follow broadcast seeding with a drag or cultipacker for excellent results. This spreader mounts on a Cat. I or II 3-pt hitch and is PTO driven. Spreading width is approx.. 20-30 ft., depending upon conditions and seed mix. Hopper capacity is 400 gallons. This is the preferred method for seeding native grass mixes! Requirements: Utility or larger tractor with 3-pt. hydraulic hitch and PTO. Can be transported on a pick-up or trailer, or tractor-mounted.

Dew Drop Seeder                              $10/acre ($50 min.)

The Dew Drop is an ATV-pulled broadcast seeder designed and built in Spencer, IA. It works best in smaller areas where tractor access is limited, and is best suited to untilled or tilled disturbed ground, not existing turf. Two rows of small discs cultivate the soil, followed by two seed boxes (one for small, heavy seeds, one for light fluffy seeds) that drop seed from one continuous chute. Spreading width is about 4 ft. This seeder is designed for low-output applications, and is best suited for native seeding. Pasture mixes and lawn seedings are not recommended. Requirements: ATV, UTV or other small utility vehicle with 1 7/8 “ ball hitch. 4-WD is preferred, as it is heavy and the discs pull hard. Hydraulics are battery-operated with battery on-board the seeder. Preferred transport method is trailer.

Tree & Shrub Planters                       $15/day (no min.)

CCCB has two of these 3-pt. mounted tree planters. They are designed for a rider to be pulled behind a smaller tractor, inserting bare-root trees/shrubs into a furrow that is tilled open and pressed closed by the planter. Requirements: 2 people, 60 HP min. tractor with Cat. I or II 3-pt. May be hauled on a truck or trailer (loader required, as it is heavy)