Ingawanis Woodland

Eagle Lodge at Ingawanis Woodland
Eagle Lodge at Ingawanis Woodland
Eagle Lodge Interior
Eagle Lodge Interior

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Bremer County Conservation purchased this area with help from numerous local donations and a REAP grant totaling over $302,000.  It is adjacent to the Ingawanis Boy Scout Camp.  Eagle Lodge is an enclosed building with a small kitchenette, tables/chairs and indoor restrooms. It can be reserved for a fee of $75 per day by calling the park office at 319-882-4742.


It is easy to access this area by C50.  Take county road C50 from Janesville toward Denver and turn north on Hawthorne Ave.  You will find a hidden driveway (2588) that takes you in to Eagle Lodge. There is a second parking lot that is always open on 260th.


There is an extensive Mountain Biking Trail throughout this area. Dedicated volunteers contribute numerous hours in keeping trails looking good and in riding condition.

Also, there is an orienteering course available.  There are 3 courses available.  A beginner that covers 1 mile.  A moderate that covers 3 miles.  An advanced that covers 5 miles.  For complete course instructions and maps, please utilize the files below.