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Historic Abbe Creek School near Mt. Vernon - Linn County, IA
Historic Abbe Creek School near Mt. Vernon - Linn County, IA
Historic Millrock School - Jackson County, IA
Historic Skunk River Bridge - Oakland Mills Park, Henry County, IA
Iowa heritage on display - Calkins Interpretive Center, Hardin County, IA

There are some 159 areas listed as "historic" in the county conservation system,but perhaps just as many others have either a rich local, regional or national history associated with them. From the site of the historic first train robbery in the west by Jesse James in Adair county, to the historic Hurstville Limestone Kilns in Jackson County, or the many remnant prairies that will flash you back to the time when millions of buffalo roamed the plains - they're all out there for you to uncover and explore once again! Many sites may be seasonal in nature, so be sure to check out visitation availability when planning your day trip to a piece of America's history!

Find a location to join in on the fun!

» Lake Icaria - Adams County
» Jesse James Historical Site - Adair County
» Abbe Creek School Museum - Linn County
» Lake Orient Recreation Area - Adair County
» Cedar Bridge Park - Mitchell County
» Linden Township Cemetery - Winnebago County
» Cedar Covered Bridge Park - Madison County
» Log Cabin Historical Site - Marshall County
» Cedar Valley Nature Trail - Linn County
» Matsell Bridge Natural Area - Linn County
» Chain Lakes Natural Area - Linn County
» Millrock School - Jackson County
» Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt - Polk County
» Moorehead Pioneer Park - Ida County
» Copeland Park Access - Woodbury County
» Motor Mill Historic Site - Clayton County
» Dayton Stagecoach Inn - Dallas County
» Newell Catholic Prairie Cemetery - Buena Vista County
» Dow House Historical Site - Crawford County
» Nye Cemetery - Muscatine County
» Easter Lake Park - Polk County
» Oak Lane Cemetery - Mitchell County
» Forest Park Museum - Dallas County
» Osborne Park - Clayton County
» Fort Des Moines Park - Polk County
» Pammel State Park - Madison County
» Prairie Heritage Center - O'Brien County
» Fowler Forest - Woodbury County
» Remington Boat Launch - Harrison County
» Rolling Thunder Prairie - Warren County
» Great Western Trail - Warren County
» Ruffcorn Wildlife Area - Harrison County
» Sioux County Historical Site - Sioux County
» Hickory Hills Park - Warren County
» Smithtown Church - Clinton County
» High Trestle Trail - Polk County
» Thomas Mitchell Park - Polk County
» Hitchcock Recreation Area - Cass County
» Three Bridges County Park - Marshall County
» Hurstville Lime Kilns - Jackson County
» Walnut Grove Pioneer Village - Scott County
» Inkpaduta Historical Marker - Woodbury County
» Wehrman Prairie - Marshall County
» Interstate Park - Mitchell County
» Wickiup Hill Learning Center - Linn County
» Woodland Mounds Preserve - Warren County
» Jakway Park - Buchanan County