Moorehead Pioneer Park

Moorehead Pioneer Park is a beautiful, hidden gem located in Ida Grove, Iowa! If you love natural areas, a visit to Moorehead Park is a must. This beautiful 258 acre park located on the northwest corner of Ida Grove will give you a first-hand view at what life was like in the earlier settlement days.
Once the original site of Ida Grove, Moorehead Park is an area proud of it’s history. In the early 1850’s, the Moorehead family came to settle in what has now become the park. Ruts from the early stagecoach are still obvious near the old (now refurbished) stagecoach inn. The stagecoach barn still stands nearby. It’s hand-hewn and wood pegged timbers display what life was like so long ago.

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Moorehead Park is located 1 mile west of Ida Grove on Highway 59/175.

299 Jasper Ave, Ida Grove, IA, 51445, is the 911 address.

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Wildlife abounds at Moorehead Park! The native timber, with recent natural resource management projects, provides great habitat for native Iowa species. Moorehead Park is the largest single tract of timber in Ida County. This park has been listed as one of Iowa’s “Watchable Wildlife” areas. This distinction has only been given to 75 other areas in Iowa. “Watchable Wildlife” areas are known for their abundance of wildlife due to the quality habitat. Moorehead Park wildlife include: deer, fox, bobcats, prairie skinks, fox snakes, barred and saw-whet owls, and many other migratory bird species! 

The Pleasant Valley Trail (PVT) runs through the park, connecting the north playgrounds down south to the entrance, past the historical school house. The PVT is a multi-purpose trail that makes a 4 mile circle encompassing the city of Ida Grove. The PVT connects to eight miles of soft track trails through the timber, over small foot bridges, and around impassable areas that  makes even the most remote corners of this park easily accessible to the public! Bring your camera, binoculars, bike, or hiking shoes - you will be sure to take home some special memories in this park!! Parking is available at the school house, playgrounds, and Conservation Center

Several other improvement projects have helped to make this area so popular. A 12 acre lake is stocked with largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie and channel catfish. The easily accessible lake is popular with local anglers targeting panfish. Open- air picnic shelters, restrooms, a large playground and facilities help provide year-round recreation opportunity. This park provides an opportunity for families to get outside and enjoy their experience!

Operating Hours & Seasons

Moorehead Park is open 12 months per year. Winter visitors are cautioned as some roads may be icy or impassible in winter. Depending on weather conditions, the Pleasant Valley Trail may be closed in the limits of Moorehead Park. 

Primitive Camping is $15/night. No electricity or water is available for campers in this park. 

Camper Registration is located HERE. 

Key Regulations:

  • The park opens at 6:00 AM and closes every night at 10:30 PM.
  • Only bow hunting is permitted for deer and turkey in Moorehead Park, as set by the IA DNR Regulations
  • Pursuant to IA Code, section 481A.1(32), it is unlawful to pursue, drive, or push deer at Moorehead Park during any hunting season.
  • No privately owned animals may run at-large, off-leash.
  • Camping is only permitted at designated, marked locations.
  • All fires must be in the park's provided fire rings, no open fires.
  • Moorehead Park Lake is NO WAKE and electric motors only. 
  • Parking is only allowed at designated parking areas. 
  • No off-road driving. 
  • The maximum speed limit in all ICCB parks is 20 mph.

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