Pony Hollow Trail

Equestrian Activities at Pony Hollow Trail

In 2005 the Clayton County Conservation Board lime-chipped an old railway bed that began in Elkader, Iowa. Today Pony Hollow Trail is used as a hiking, biking, walking, snowmobiling, and horseback-riding path.  Along the trail there are three interpretive signs that explain the topography, trees, and wetlands that can be seen throughout the trek. Pony Hollow Trail can be utilized throughout the year and is four miles in one direction with a round trip excursion of 8 miles.


Pony Hollow has two access points. One is located across from the Little League fields located on the corner of Hwy 13 and High Street. The other location is across from the Elkader Vet Clinic on the gravel 250th St.


Please stay off the trail when it is really wet or the gates are closed.