Welden Wildlife Area (River Access Only)

There is river access only to this propery. Part of the acreage is in section 29 of the HardinTownship and also in  section 20. The portion that is in Sedtion 29 (51.17 acres) was a gift to the Hardin County Conservation Board by a Warranty Deed on December 15, 1986 by R. G.  Welden  and  R. W. Welden d/b/a/ Welden Farms LTD. The area that is in Section 20 (31.93 acres) was a gift to the Hardin County Conservation Board by Quit Claim Deed on June 16, 1987 by Welden Farms LTD.


MM Avenue. This wildlife area is river access only.


This is a primitive area with no facilities but has plenty of timber and great for hunting. It also boasts a stream running through that boasts some fairly good fishing.

Operating Hours & Seasons

Opens at 6:00 A.M. and closes at 10:30 P.M.