Camping Camping at Langwood Education Center
Groups who rent Langwood may choose to camp instead of sleeping in the A-Frame dormitory. Tent camping and RV camping are both possible. We also welcome hammock camping as long as no trees are damaged. 
Canoeing & Kayaking Canoeing & Kayaking at Langwood Education Center

Rental of Langwood Education Center can include seasonal use of 8 aluminum canoes plus paddles and lifejackets on the lower pond. 

Education Education at Langwood Education Center

Be sure to visit the Langwood bird blind! 
Bird seed is available for groups to fill the feeders (please just use a little at a time).
Practice your ID skills using the posters inside the blind. 

Fishing Fishing at Langwood Education Center

Fishing is a great activity for a moment alone or with the whole family.

Anglers will need to bring their fishing gear including poles, bait and tackle.

Anglers must follow Iowa fishing rules and have a valid Iowa fishing license. Bass limit is 15 inches.

Hunting Hunting at Chinkapin Bluffs Recreation Area
Hunting is allowed at Chinkapin Bluffs.  Per Iowa Hunting Rules and Regulations, hunters must be at least 200 yards from any building or structure.
Other Activities Other Activities at Chinkapin Bluffs Recreation Area
Chinkapin features a modern playground with swings and a slide.
Picnicking Picnicking at Chinkapin Bluffs Recreation Area
A shelter and picnic tables are available for picnic lunches.  The shelter can be reserved in advance for a fee or used when available.
Trails & Hiking Trails & Hiking at Chinkapin Bluffs Recreation Area
There are several miles of trails throughout Chinkapin Bluffs Recreation Area.  The 2-mile Hoover Nature Trail lies at the base of the bluff, separating the wetland unit from the rest of the park.  It connects in two places to the Chinkapin trails that traverse up the side of the steep bluff.  Another series of trails cover the land on top of the bluff.  A person could easily do a 4-mile hike.
Trails & Hiking Trails & Hiking at Langwood Education Center
Langwood has approximately 3 miles of wooded, winding hiking trails that loop on either side of the lower pond. 
Visitors are also encouraged to visit the Wetland Interpretive Trail Loop located in the prairie along H Ave.