General Questions

Having problems with website.

At this time the website is having difficulties processing information when using Internet Explorer as the web browser. Try using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc). 

How do I contact a specific Park?

Cordova Park:                Email: cordovacopark@gmail.com                       Phone: (641)627-5935

Marion County Park:      Email: marioncopark@marioncountyiowa.gov     Phone: (641)828-2214

Roberts Creek Park:      Email: robertscreek@iowatelecom.net                 Phone: (641)627-5507


Reserving a Facility

When will I be able to reserve a facility on-line?

Marion County Conservation is currently accepting facility reservations online. 

Visa, Mastercard and Discover are the only forms of acceptable payment at this time. American Express in not accepted.

Discount Cards (America the Beautiful, Golden Age, Golden Access, etc.) are not accepted when reserving an MCCB facility.

What policy changes are being implemented for on-line reserves?

Cabins will be reservable up to two years in advance and a minimum of 4 days in advance of arrival date; for example, will need to reserve a facility no later than Tuesday, for a reservation with a Friday arrival date.
At the time of making a reservation, full payment will be required with a credit card.
A Damage/Cleaning deposit check is required, check will need to be mailed and received at the park office not more than 30 days; and no later than 14 days, prior to arrival date.
Cabin Reservations will be Non-transferable.

Seasonal minimum reservation requirements: Summer rental season is effective for June, July and August, requiring a weekly rental from Friday to Friday; Non-Summer rental season is effective for September to May, requiring a consecutive two night minimum reservation. Check the cabin Availability Calendar for your desired reservation time frame, Summer Season minimum stay requirements are highlighted in green shading on the calendar.
Cancellation/Refund/date change policies have been amended and are effective beginning January 7, 2013.

Campsites will be reservable up to one year in advance and a minimum of 5 days in advance of arrival date; for example, will need to reserve a facility no later than Monday, for a reservation with a Friday arrival date.
Must reserve a minimum of three nights when the date includes a Holiday, a minimum of two nights for weekends (Friday and Saturday), and one night for weekdays. 
Special reservation requirement: in conjunction with the August Sprint Car Nationals, a 10 night minimum is required for Marion County Park campground campsite reservations and a 6 night minimum is required for both East and West Roberts Creek campground campsite reservations. Check the campsite Availability Calendar for your desired reservation time frame, weekend and August Sprint Car Nationals requirements, will be highlighted on the calendar by green shading.
Campsite Reservations will be Non-transferable.
Cancellation/Refund/date change policies have been amended and are effective beginning January 7, 2013.

Discount Cards such as America the Beautiful, Golden Age, Golden Access, etc. are not accepted when making campsite reservations.

How do I set-up an account?

1)       Click on the “Login” icon link at the top right corner of the Marion County home page, at the Login page, click the "Create Account" box
         in the lower right corner of page, the Account Registration page will open; or,
1a)   Click on the "Make Reservation" tab at the top of the Marion County home page, a drop down box will open, click on "Register Now" in the bottom
         right corner of the drop down box, the Account Registration page will open; either, step 1 or step 1a, may be used to access
         the Account Registration page.
     Enter a username (no restrictions).
3)       Enter a password: Password must be between 4-8 characters and contain at least one upper case alpha letter, one lowercase alpha letter, one
 and no special characters - $,%,#, etc.  
4)       Enter the personal information required: Required information has a  red * asterisk next to it.
5)       Enter billing information.
6)       Select the county in which you are interested (Marion).
7)       Check/uncheck the box to receive e-updates.
8)       Click create account.

How do I make a cabin or campsite reservation?

1)       Must first create a personal user account, click this link: "Register Now!" , to go to the Account Registration page; if, you have already created
         an account, click the  “Login?” icon at top right corner of page and enter your account            
         information, return to the 
Marion County Conservation home page on mycountyparks.com.
On the Marion County home page, click on the “Parks” tab and then click on name of the park in which the facility you wish to reserve is located.
At the park home page, click on the “Facilities” tab.
A list of reservable facilities will appear, scroll the list, click on the name of the facility you are interested in reserving. 
Information and descriptions of the facility will be on the page, Click on “Check Availability” or “Book Now” , to the right of the facility image, to access           a calendar that will identify the facility dates already reserved and the dates that are available for reservations.
After you select “Book Now”, the facility calendar will open; on the facility calendar, click the date of check-in/arrival, then click the last night you plan
         to stay at the facility on the calendar, the departure/check-out date will be recorded by default on the following calendar day.
         The minimum number of nights required for a facility reservation will be displayed above the calendar; in addition, green shaded areas on the calendar
         represent dates that must be reserved together, due to special reservation restrictions.
Click on “Add to Cart” box at the upper right corner of page. 
The View My Cart page will open, verify the facility, arrival/departure dates, total fee and number of nights are correct, click on "Checkout" box; or,
         if you wish to add additional facilities to the cart, click on "Continue Shopping", the Facility page will open. 

9)     Once a facility has been placed in the shopping cart, you will have 12 minutes to complete the reservation and submit payment. A countdown clock will
 be displayed on each of the checkout pages, highlighted in red font. If you place another facility in your shopping cart, the countdown clock will reset
 to 12 minutes and each subsequent facility placed in the cart will reset the 12 minute clock. If the countdown clock reaches zero, a pop-up box will
 open, asking if you would like additional time; if yes is clicked, the clock will reset to 12 minutes. If the clock reaches zero and no additional time is requested; then, the facilities in the shopping cart will be automatically deleted and returned to an available to reserve status.
10)     Repeat step 4 through step 8 to add facilities to your cart. Once all desired facilities are in the cart, click on "Checkout" box,
         the Facility Checkout page will open.
  At the Facility Checkout page, enter the number of occupants and fill out all the required information marked with a Red* asterisk for each facility
         in the cart. Read the Rental Agreement, Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy for the facility so you clearly understand Marion County Conservation
         policies. You must click on each agreement conditions box for each facility in your cart before the reservations will be finalized.
         Click "Next Step" box to continue checking out. The
Payment page will open.
12)    Complete the Billing Information requested, (first name, last name, etc.), all fields marked with a Red* asterisk must be completed.
13)    Complete the Payment Information, all fields marked with a  Red* asterisk must be completed, check the Cart Information on right side of page
         to verify the facility and dates are correct. Click “Submit Purchase” box. Only accepting Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.
Order Receipt will appear as your next screen, print for your records and bring with you the day of your reservation, an
        email with an Order Receipt will also be sent to the email address listed in the personal account profile.

How do I get a list of available facilities to reserve for a specific date?

1)      Click on the brown “Facilities” tab in the upper left side of the web page.
2)     This will open the "Facilities” page, listing all Marion CCB facilities, on the upper left side of the list, find the
      "Search Box".
3)     Click the "Facility Type" tab, a drop down menu will appear, click the box associated with the type of facility
      being searched, either campsite or cabin.
4)     Click the "Availability" tab, a drop down menu will appear.

5)  Either enter the desired Arrival Date in the provided box or click the "calendar" icon, then click the desired
      Arrival Date, repeat this procedure for the desired Departure Date in the appropriate box provided. Once the
     Departure Date has been entered, the search should start, if not, press the "Enter" key on your computer keyboard. 
6)     Available facilities that meet the search criteria will be listed, click on the facility name for additional
      information and booking details. If the search result displays: "No more results to display"; this would indicate
      that there are no reservable facilities available for the selected dates.
7)     For subsequent searches, either re-enter arrival/departure dates for a similar facility type; or, click
      "Clear Search Criteria" to restart a new facility search. Repeat steps 3 through 6.
8)     Once the new search criteria are entered, the available facilities will be displayed on the search result page.
9)   To confirm the proper search criteria have been entered, check the top of the search result list. Brown boxes
        will list the County or Park Name, Facility Type, Arrival Date and Departure Date that were used for the search.