Burns Prairie

With the help from Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation and a Habitat Stamp Grant, the Conservation Board acquired Burns Prairie, 160 acre tract.  This site includes 72 acres of natural and enhanced wetlands.  The US Fish and Wildlife Service restored eight wetland basins, three with water control structures.  29 acres of cropland is farmed, providing quality nesting cover and a food plot.  The remainder of the property is prairie.  Canada geese, mallard, woodducks, shovelers, redheads and blue winged teal are attracted to the marshes for nesting.  Waterfowl migrating through include green-winged teal, gadwall, blue bills and wigeon.  Besides ducks and geese, species such as red-winged and yellow-headed blackbirds, bobolinks, yellow throats and furbearers, pheasants and deer are common.  Hunting and trapping is allowed.


Five miles west of Emmetsburg.


Upland Hunting
Wetland Hunting