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Seasonal Maintenance

Posted 03/17/2023
County Clayton
Location Elkader ,Iowa
Salary $12-$14/hr


DEFINITION: Seasonal, full-time position under the supervision of the Clayton County Conservation Board Operations Supervisor. Will assist with maintenance and development of county parks. Job duties include mowing, trail maintenance, trash removal, pit toilet upkeep, care of live animals and other duties as required. 40 hours per week. Will include some weekend work. Physically demanding position. Applicants will work a full day in extreme temperatures.

QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants should have interest in biology, ecology, natural sciences or conservation management. Experience operating mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, and other equipment would be beneficial. Must be at least 18 years old. Pre-employment physical and drug testing required.

WORK ENVIRONMENT & PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The work environment and physical demands described here are those of which must be meant by the employee to successfully perform essential functions of said position. Accommodations within reason may be made to enable any individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of their position. Position requires frequent exposure to conditions such as excessive dust, noise, vibrations from tool use, excessive heat, moving equipment & machinery, and is exposed to trip/fall obstacles. This position requires frequent lifting 10-25lbs & occasionally lifts 28-75lbs (anything over 50lbs will be moved by two people). This position consistently works outdoors, utilizes power tools, performs heavy labor during the summer months. This position duties require the worker to adhere to the county’s safety manual and utilize the required PPE required for given duties. PPE furnished by the county. Promote the health and general welfare of the people; to model and encourage preservation, conservation, education and recreation through responsible use and appreciation of our natural resources and cultural heritage.

SALARY: This is a seasonal position, not to exceed forty hours a week, for fourteen weeks and paid an hourly rate between $12-14/hr. depending on experience. An Offer of Employment is contingent upon the successful completion of a pre-employment background check, driving record, pre-employment physical and drug screening.

It is the policy of Clayton County, in accordance with Iowa Code §729.4, to provide equal treatment to all County employees and applicants for County employment.

* Interest in biology, ecology, natural sciences or conservation
* Experience operating mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, and other equipment is beneficial
* Must be 18 years of age
* Pass pre employment physical & drug testing

To Apply
Applicants should mail a current resume, cover letter, and county employment application to:
Jenna Pollock, Director
Clayton County Conservation Board
29862 Osborne Road
Elkader IA 52043-8247

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