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AmeriCorps Conservation Education Assistant

Posted 06/21/2024
County Johnson
Location Oxford ,Iowa
Salary Living Allowance: $20,400, Eligible for an AmeriCorps Education Award of $7,395
Deadline 07/19/2024


Connection to Purpose and Goals of AmeriCorps Program: Bur Oak Land Trust AmeriCorps Program serves to improve the biodiversity of protected lands through habitat improvement and invasive species removal. The AmeriCorps Conservation Education Assistant will improve communities’ understanding of and exposure to the local natural environment, specifically Johnson County Conservation properties by contributing to the expansion of county conservation programs by planning, promoting and implementing learning or engagement events within the county for all ages, backgrounds, races, ethnicities, identities, and abilities as directed by the Conservation Program Manager and Education Specialists for the Johnson County Conservation Board.  

Description of anticipated service schedule:

  • Member is expected to serve 35 hours per week (or 140 hours per timesheet) from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday, except for any holidays (listed below) or office closures. The minimum number of hours the Member can serve and successfully complete the hours requirement is 33.5 per week. Service hours may start and/or end earlier or later in the day depending on the project, weather and season when service is performed and must be approved by the site supervisor before service may begin. Member may not serve more than 12 hours per day.
  • Member may be asked to complete more hours per week depending on service projects scheduled for that week and may be asked to participate in additional service activities that are not included in the member position description but align with the approved grant activities. Volunteers recruited or managed by AmeriCorps members will not participate in prohibited activities as outlined in the approved grant.
  • Service days may include weekends and some may be required. Weekend service must be approved by site supervisor before service may begin.
  • Members must not serve any hours on the major federal holidays – New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. This includes checking emails, self-directed training, or teleservice. If the Host Site is open on one of these holidays and members are expected to serve, the site supervisor should work with Program to gain approval for this member service prior to the holiday. For any of the other federal holidays, including MLK Day, Presidents Day, Juneteenth, Columbus Day and Veterans Day, Host Sites will communicate expectations of member service in advance. If the Host Site is closed on one of more of those lesser holidays (including the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas eve) or the Host Site recognizes other workdays when major federal holidays fall on weekend days, members should not check their email, complete timesheets, or do teleservice on those days either unless they follow the procedure above.
  • Most service will be done at Kent Park, or other Johnson County Conservation operations centers or properties.
  • Teleservice may be necessary at times and must be discussed and approved by the program director before service may begin.
  • Sick or personal leave and time off for holidays is allowed, but such time off does not count toward the required number of hours needed to successfully complete the term of service. There are additional benefits offered if the member has a compelling personal circumstance.
  • This position starts in early September 2024 and ends in late August 2025.

Program - Related Service Activities (if applicable):

  • Participate in 2 Program-led AmeriCorps training days: Orientation and Life After AmeriCorps
  • Submit Great Stories at the end of each quarter as a record of service experience
  • Attend weekly crew meetings and contribute project updates and/or time off requests
  • Accurately prepare timesheets and submit them in OnCorps on time on the last day of the month. Do not log any hours in OnCorps that have not been served.
  • Effectively communicate with Johnson County Conservation staff, volunteers and the public  

Position/Site Specific Member Service Activities (if applicable):

  • Review list of approved conservation programs and begin learning how to present programs in first month of service
  • Assist with or lead 18 Nature Buds programs during the service year
  • Participate in all scheduled field trips as assigned by the Education Specialists, approximately 4 days per week for 3-4 months of the service term
  • Make 2 new community contacts during the service year
  • Create 3 new programs based on preapproved conservation topics, aiming for fall, winter and summer delivery
  • Communicate appropriately with all program contacts, alert site supervisor of any communication issues as soon as possible ·        Uphold the standards of conduct of the Bur Oak Land Trust AmeriCorps Program and Johnson County Conservation during all public programs, events and activities
  • Meet with site supervisor twice monthly to discuss planned program schedule, creating new programs, training opportunities and time off requests
  • Accurately complete program reporting form after each program, compile data into existing spreadsheet and file forms with site supervisor each month
  • Identify 10 common prairie plants, 5 common woodland plants, 5 invasive species, and 22 common tree species
  • Complete 4 field training courses: National Association for Interpretation Interpretive Guide certification (or advanced training, if applicable); Stop the Bleed, CPR/AED and first aid or Wilderness First Aid, burn first aid (Training in this list is optional if the member has already taken the training within 2 years or their certification (if applicable) is not expired.)
  • Perform maintenance on displays and exhibits, and the care of live animals used for educational programming three times per week during 8 months of the service term on a rotation that includes all Conservation Education Center staff
  • Operate county vehicles safely at all times and alert site supervisor of any mechanical issues or repairs
  • Participate in loading and unloading of vehicles according to the appropriate checklists and carrying equipment to the service site  

Desired Skills/Qualifications: Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Certify that they have or will obtain the diploma/GED
  • Be 17 years or older at the start of service (no upper age limit)
  • Pass a national service criminal history check prior to first day of service
  • Hold one of the following citizenship statuses: US citizen, US national, or Lawful Permanent Resident


  • Education Award received upon successful completion of their term of service.
  • Living Allowance
  • Health care, if applicable
  • Childcare coverage if the member qualifies
  • Student loan forbearance and interest payments for eligible loans

Performance Evaluation & Reporting Requirements: 

  • Member Performance Evaluation requirements during the term, if applicable
  • Regular submission of member timesheets
  • Submission of daily reporting form

See full description above. Must have a valid Iowa driver's license. Experience in environmental education or studying environmental education or other conservation related fields preferred.

To Apply
Please submit a cover letter and resume to:

Johnson County is an EOE

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