Big Bend Wildlife Area

Beg Bend Sign
Butterfly at Big Bend

Located 2 miles north of Redfield, Big Bend's 605 acre wildlife area is open to hunting, fishing, bird watching, nature appreciation, canoeing and hiking on undeveloped trails.

This wildlife management area is adjacent to the Middle Raccoon River, which is designated as a Protected Waters Area by the DNR because of the natural resources, ecological communities, landform variations, rare plants and animal species present.

Populations of wild turkey, pheasant, quail, wood duck, white-tailed deer, red and gray fox, mink, raccoon and many non-game species can be found in this area. Other species of interest seen include river otter, bobcat and several species of raptors including bald eagles, osprey, coopers hawk and red shouldered hawk.

Over 322 unique and diverse plant species have been documented at Big Bend, with at least 9 species which are listed as rare. 

Organizations and participants that have taken an active role in this area include:
  • Dallas County Conservation Board, 
  • Iowa DNR, 
  • Dallas County Pheasants Forever Chapter, 
  • Beaver Creek PF Chapter, 
  • Iowa State PF Council, 
  • Wild Turkey Federation, 
  • REAP County committee, 
  • REAP Grant committee, 
  • Wildlife Habitat Stamp Committee, 
  • Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, 
  • Dallas County Conservation Foundation, 
  • Dallas County Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Area public schools. 


Big Bend Wildlife Area
West of Redfield, Iowa

Go north from Redfield on County Road P46 for ½ mile to the junction with Linden Road. Turn west (left) on Linden Road and proceed west for 2 miles to the junction with Cadet Ct. (This is a “Y” intersection with the left leg of the “Y” being Cadet Ct.). Follow Cadet Ct. the short distance to the parking lot which is at the end of the road on the right.

Area Map

Operating Hours & Seasons

Big Bend is open ½ hour before sunrise and closed each day at 10:00 p.m. 

Dallas County Conservation Board 
14581 K Ave. 
Perry, Iowa 50220 
Phone: 515-465-3577 
FAX 515-465-3579
Office Hours: M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm