Guthrie County Historical Village and Museum

Guthrie County Historical Village & Museum
Guthrie County Historical Village & Museum
Guthrie County Historical Village
1851 Log House
Interior Log House

Law Office
Schoolhouse and Outhouse
Interior of Schoolhouse
Panora Depot and Inspection Car

Since 1968, the Guthrie County Historical Village and Museum has been sharing our local treasures with the world. You’ll be amazed by the massive collection for viewing and learn more than you ever thought possible about Guthrie County - Iowa. We truly believe we are the hidden gem of Guthrie County.

The Village, located on a beautiful 4-acre complex on the southwest side of Panora, Iowa, features twelve buildings, numerous exhibits, and thousands of artifacts that explore the history of Guthrie County from 1850 to the early-20th Century.

The majority of our collection has been donated by families and friends in the surrounding communities. If you have not visited the museum recently, we encourage you to take time from your busy schedule to take a stroll through our lovely, little village. The museum is open May 1st to October 15th.

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206 W South Street - Panora, Iowa

(Two blocks east of Lenon Mill Park and five blocks west of the Raccoon River Valley Trail)

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MAIN BUILDING:  Various displays of life around 1900, such as a telephone switchboard, military uniforms, dolls and toys, Native American artifacts, a 1912 Model T, and a rare Civil-war era oil painting.

1851 LOG HOUSE:  First permanent structure in the area that is now Panora.

1906 DEPOT & 1956 CABOOSE:  The first building at the Historical Village. Caboose was added in 1989 and restored to its original condition.

1915 PULLMAN CAFE & OBSERVATION CAR:  Currently under renovation.  Planned opening for May 1, 2021.  

1913 NEW BETHEL METHODIST CHURCH:  Moved to the Village in 1986, features a pump organ from St. Cecilia's Catholic Church, wooden pews from the Church of the Brethren, and a collection of wedding dresses. 

1920s CASS #7 COUNTRY SCHOOHOUSE & ORANGE #5 OUTHOUSE:  One of Iowa's standardized schools with its signature "bank of windows" that originally sat 3 miles east of Panora.  Outhouse originally located near Coon Rapids. 

IMPLEMENT BUILDING:  Contains a tribute to Guthrie County miners, a Lenon Mill display, and a collection of antique farm equipment, horse-drawn plows, tractors, a threshing machine and binder, and many other items typically found on early-working farms.

BLACKSMITH SHOP:  Contains tools used in a blacksmith shop, such as a large forge, anvil, bellows, and tongs.

MONTEITH GENERAL STORE:  Moved from the little town of Monteith.  Contains patent medicines, sewing machines, the original Safeside Post Office, and a replica soda fountain display.

THE VILLAGE NEWS PRINT SHOP:  Originally the Bayard Lumberyard Office, was the perfect size for the printing equipment that was currently part of the Village's collection.

1878 BATSCHELET LAW OFFICE:  Moved from Guthrie Center.  Full of original documents, law books dating from the 1870s, furnishings, and the a walk-in safe.

1900 MARCHANT HOUSE:  Named after the previous owner, Mildred Marchant, who was a long-time friend to the Village.  The house is currently under restoration and will be open in 2022.

Operating Hours & Seasons


May 1 to October 15


Tuesday thru Friday:  10am to 4:30pm

Saturdays & Holidays:  1pm to 4:30pm


Adults:  $2

Children 6 to 17:  $1

5 & Under:  FREE

Need more information:  Call 641-755-2989 or Email


The Historical Village will close on October 15th and reopen on May 1st with COVID-19 restrictions in place.