Telford Prairie

Telford Prairie was willed to the State of Iowa by Mary Telford. The Palo Alto County Conservation Board has custody and management of the area. Telford Prairie is a Wildlife Refuge and no hunting is allowed. A portion of the prairie has never been plowed and supports a wide variety of plants and animal life. Prairie plants include butterfly milkweed, great blue lobelia, lead plant, purple coneflower, purple prairie clover, rattlesnake master, gentian, blazing star, phlox, mountain mint, compass plant, a variety of native asters, sunflowers and goldenrods, big bluestem, little bluestem, indian grass, switch grass, sideoats gramma and prairie cordgrass. 


2 miles northeast of Ayrshire.


4022 400th Ave.

Ayrshire, IA 50515


Wildlife Refuge, No Hunting. 160-acres