Skunk River Flats

The Skunk River Flats is a 117-acre public hunting area. It is owned by the Iowa DNR but managed by SCC. It was purchased through the Natural Resource Conservation Services wetlands program. A small area of floodplain forest is present near the Skunk River, but the area is mostly reconstructed prairie with a small restored wetland. Hiking, walking, bird watching, geocaching, and several other activities are possible however we do not maintain trails (other than a mowed perimeter path) nor do we have picnic tables or grills available.

Public Hunting Brochure


SCC Rules and Regulations


26995 Sand Hill Trail, Ames IA 50010

3 miles south of Highway 30 on Sand Hill Trail - 270th and Sand Hill Trail or 3 miles South of Highway 30 on R70 (580th ) and .5 miles west on 270th.

Operating Hours & Seasons

Park hours are 5:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. daily.


This area is open year round.

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