Izaak Walton Shooting Facility

Note: The Izaak Walton Shooting Facility is managed on a "restricted use" basis. See news story for further details.

This property is managed as a public shooting facility, providing an area for sighting in firearms, target practice, and shooting of clay pigeons. A small pond, associated grassland, and small timber for wildlife habitat are present on site.

The 17 acre facility, which was originally leased to the Conservation Board following closure of the local chapter of the Izaak Walton League in 1983, was acquired through warranty deed during 2014.   

Any person wishing to use the facility must have received training regarding proper use of the facility (taught by Tama County Conservation Board staff), paid a user fee, and been issued a range use card and gate key prior to using the facility. See the news story for further details on how to become autorized for this facility.


Located in Section 17, Toledo Township. North of Highway 30 on H Avenue.


  • 100 yard shooting station.
  • 25 yard pistol shooting area.
  • Archery fixed target holders.
  • Gravel driveway with parking area.

Operating Hours & Seasons

Note: The Izaak Walton Shooting Facility is a restricted use facility requiring training on proper use of the facility, signing a range use agreement, paying a user fee and being issued a range use card and gate key. See article for further information.


Road and parking lot are not maintained during winter months.