Otter Creek Lake & Park

Trails & Hiking at Otter Creek Lake & Park

Enjoy hiking at Otter Creek Lake & Park
Welcome to Otter Creek Park's circular hiking trail system. We hope you enjoy your hike.   This circular trail system combines hiking on surfaced (wood or rock chips), on or adjacent to our road system, and mowed grass to complete it's 2.45 mile loop.   Because of the layout of the trail hikers can choose between nine different parking lots to start their hike.

This trail will take you along scenic vistas of the lake while traipsing next to or through a remnant prairie, native woodland, and mixed wildlife habitat.

If shorter distances are desired this can be accomplished by doubling back on the trail or making a loop by swinging around on any of the road system.


6 1/2 miles northeast of Toledo, IA, in Sections 30 & 31, Carroll Township.


While hiking the trail system at Otter Creek Lake and Park you may wish to:
  • Stop at one of the picnic areas for a quick snack
  • Explore the pine grove in the NW portion of the park with its pine needle floor
  • Drop in to the informational kiosk (located near the boat ramp) for a cool, refreshing beverage from the vending machine
  • Laugh out loud while enjoying one of the two playgrounds at the park
  • Bring along your binoculars to observe the wildlife living in the park
  • Seek out one of the geocaches hidden in the park


Otter Creek Lake & Park is a year round facility for certain activities. Operating hours are 4 a.m. to 10:30 p.m..