Guy Grover Timber and Tree Plantings


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The Guy Grover Timber and Tree Plantings trail winds through several distinct features.  The quarry pond near the trailhead provides shoreline fishing. The trail runs southeast along a tree planting to a savannah opening dominated by prairie grasses and flowers.  The trail then leads to another tree planting. As the trail curves north, it passes through the upland forest and downhill to the Wapsipinicon River. A signed gate marks the east boundary of the West Parcel. Visitors can continue past the gate, but must stay on the trail. Veering from the trail means trespassing on private land. Signs mark the East Parcel entrance. A tree planting exists at the East Parcel entrance. Visitors are welcome to walk throughout the East Parcel woodland.  Guy Grover Timber and Tree Plantings is managed by the Buchanan County Conservation Board.

Nature in the Wapsi Corridor
The Wapsipinicon is famous for its quality backwater wetlands and forest. The wooded corridor provides the bulk of wildlife habitat and quality fishing for Buchanan and several other Eastern Iowa counties. In assessing the Wapsi, the Iowa DNR stated “The Wapsipinicon River has the longest continuous stretch of natural and scenic river corridor in [the area], and quite possibly in the entire state.” The Grover Timber is a great example of nature in the corridor. A variety of trees are arranged in upland and floodplain communities. A small savannah exists as a remnant of the historic prairie that once met the forest edge. The river provides great fishing, and the timber is full of both game and nongame species. You are invited to fish, hike, hunt, pick berries, birdwatch, take photos, explore, and enjoy!

Leaving A Legacy for all of us!
The forest, tree plantings, and water resources are here for all to enjoy due to the generosity of Guy and Shirley Grover. A local farmer and conservationist, Guy Grover dedicated his time and resources to make this the wonderful resource it is today. In 2007, the Grovers made sure these efforts would be protected in the future by placing the land in a conservation easement with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation.  In 2011, the Grovers donated the area to the Buchanan County Conservation Board as a place for the public to enjoy and learn about nature.
The Grovers acquired this property in 1988, and soon began enhancing the natural features of the property. Pasture and crop lands were converted to trees. Most of
the tree plantings are alternating rows of conifers and hardwoods (oaks, walnuts, and others). Older plantings date back to the early 1990’s, and now are large trees.  The conifer rows shaded the sides of the hardwoods, resulting in trees growing straight and tall toward overhead sunlight. During an 8-year period, Guy and his brother Max planted approximately 30,000 trees.


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3 miles West of Quasqueton

South parking lot: 2720 Nolen Ave., Rowley, IA 52329

Service road: 2712 Nolen Ave., Rowley, IA 52329


- Stream Fishing
- Lake/Pond Fishing
- Hunting
- Hiking Trails
- Nature Appreciation

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Open year-round from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm.

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